Stuffed Eggs | Mutta Nirachathu

Stuffed Eggs or Mutta Nirachathu in Malayalam is a tempting, crispy, and spicy evening snack filled with onion. Filled eggs, dip the filled eggs in all-purpose flour batter, and deep fry in oil. Stuffed eggs are one of the popular snacks in the Malabar area in Kerala. This recipe is best for during Ramadan.

This snack can be prepared quickly for our guests. This is very easy to prepare and All the ingredients needed to make this recipe are always available in our pantry. Egg is a favorite of everyone. This recipe is made with boiled eggs. Then removes the yolk from the egg and add it to the onion masala. This snack recipe can be made for those who do not like to eat a plain boiled egg. The filling inside the egg gives a nice flavor to this snack.


Stuffed Eggs are an easy evening snack with boiled egg and dipping in a batter made with all-purpose flour. Remove the shell of the eggs, then cut them into two halves. Then roll the onion masala in the shape of egg yolk, then fill it into the egg white. After, dip the spicy batter. You can also use gram flour instead of all-purpose flour. It is easy to make at home with few ingredients.


  1. Eggs                                -5 Nos
  2. Onion                              -1 cup
  3. Green chilli                     -2 Nos
  4. Ginger (chopped)          -1 tbsp
  5. Curry leaves (chopped) -2tbsp
  6. Turmeric powder           -1tbsp
  7. All purpose flour           -1cup
  8. Salt as required

  • Boil eggs in water,
  • Peel the shell and 
  • Cut into two equal halves.
  • Remove the egg yolks from the egg white 
  • And transfer into another bowl 
  • And beat yolk with a fork.and keep aside.
  • In a  pan add 2 tbsp oil,
  • Add chopped onion,
  • Chopped green chilly,
  • Chopped ginger and chopped coriander
  • And saute well. 
  • Then add required salt,
  • Turmeric powder ,garam masala ,mix 
  • Well til turns soft.
  • After that add the beaten egg  yolk and chopped coriander leaves 
  • And mix well.

  • Fill the onion-egg yolk masala into the boiled egg white.
  • Roll the onion - egg yolk masala in the shape of yolk 
  • Then fill it. 

  • In a bowl take take all purpose flour,turmeric powder,pinch of salt 
  • And blend well by adding 3/4 cup of water.
  • Don't add too much water .
  • Check the consistency of batter.

  • Dip the filled eggs in this batter 
  • And coat well.

  • Deep fry the batter coated eggs by turning both sides into golden in colour.
  • Then serve with hot tea.

Heat oil in low to medium flame.Don't fry in high flame.Fry til the batter cook enough and turns golden brown in colour.Eggs and masala already cooked.
Serve this easy snack with your evening tea.Also serve in your iftar parties during Ramadan.
Also kids love this snack, Can be given to children as tiffin.Skip all purpose flour and use besan flour to make it healthy for children.Try this easy recipe and share this recipe to your friends.

Malayalam's Stuffed Eggs, or Mutta Nirachathu, is a delicious, crispy, spicy snack made with onions. Fill the eggs with a mixture of flour and onion. Then, fry them in oil. Stuffed eggs are a popular snack in the Malabar region of Kerala. This recipe is best during Ramadan.

This snack is easy to prepare for guests. This recipe is easy to prepare. All ingredients are readily available in our pantry. Everyone loves eggs. This recipe uses boiled eggs. Next, remove the yolk from the egg. Add it to the onion masala. For those who don't like boiled eggs, this snack recipe is suitable. This snack has a pleasant flavor because of the filling in the egg.

Stuffed eggs are a quick snack that can be made in the evening with a boiled egg and some all-purpose flour batter. Cut the egg shells into halves. Roll the onion masala into the shape of an egg yolk. Then, fill the egg white with the mixture. Dip the spice batter. An alternative to all-purpose flour is gram flour. This flour is simple to make at home using only a few ingredients.


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