Tender coconut pudding

There is no one who doesn't like tender coconut.As Kerala is a land of coconuts, tender coconut is easily available here.  As well as a variety of dishes made with tender coconut.Especially tender coconut pudding.Tender coconut is young coconut,we can easily extract the pulp from the coconut.it is fresh and translusent.The water and flesh from the tender coconut is very healthy and tasty.It is very refreshing during summer.In Kerala, tender coconut is sold on the road side during summer.  When you buy tender coconut you should ask them for a tender coconut with good pulp.we need pulp for this pudding.

Tender coconut pudding or elaneer pudding(in malayalam) is a delicious and yummy dessert and also called glass pudding.it is a common dessert in kerala.this pudding is a refreshing dessert during summer.It is easy to prepare within 30 minutes with few ingredients.
This pudding made with young tender coconut. We need both fresh pulp  and water from tender coconut. Prepared along with chinagrass ,milk and sugar.
there are many ways to prepare this pudding.you can use condensed milk instead of sugar for sweetening.at last garnish with your choices of nuts.This pudding can be prepared in many ways.

There are 2 steps to preparing this pudding . Jelly with coconut water and cream with pulp.
Chinagrass used to make jelly.chinagrass also called agar-agar.it is derived from some kind of algae.which is used to make pudding.  It is used as a natural gellening agent in puddings and jellies.
Cream made by mixing coconut pulp,milk and condensed milk or sugar.we need atleast 3 tender coconut for making this.Let's see how to make this simple,delicious tender coconut pudding.


Milk                           -1/2 litre

Tender coconut       -4

Sugar                        - 1 cup

Milk powder            -1/4 cup

Icing sugar              -5 tbsp

Chinagrass              -10 gram

Water                        -1/4 cup


1. Soak chinagrass in 1/4 th cup of water. For
    30 minutes.

2.  Heat a sauce pan,and pour 1/2 litre
    tendercoconut water.add 7 table spoon
    sugar.stir until sugar dissolves.turn off the
    flame  when it boils.

3. Heat another saucepan and add the
    soaked chinagrass with water.stir well and
    keep at low flame til chinagrass melts.

4. Pour the tender coconut water to the
    chinagrass then stir well.then place a tray
    and pour the tender coconut water and
   chinagrass mix to the tray.and allow to

then decorate with your choices nuts.

5.  In a mixi jar take 1 cup tendercoconut pulp and 7 tablespoon of sugar.

Grind it to a smooth paste.

6. Pour 1/2 liter milk,and 1/2 cup milkpowder,5 tbsp icing sugar and grind well.

Our tender coconut mixture is ready.
After 30 minutes tender coconut chinagrass mixture is set.then cut into small cubes.

then put small cubes  into serving tray.


then pour the milk mixture.

Our delicious tender coconut pudding is ready.  

It is a simple pudding which can be made suring eid or any other festivals.it is rich with milk and tendercoconut. This pudding everyone loves,especially children.

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