Sweet Pumpkin Recipe

  Sweet pumpkin or jaggery pumpkin is a traditional sweet recipe made with yellow pumpkin and jaggery.This recipe is very easy to make within few minutes and serve as a dessert after a heavymeal.
This recipe can be made in many ways.I am sharing my recipe here .
Let's see how to make this recipe

Pumpkin                        - 11/2 kg 
Jaggery syrup               -1/2 cup
Grated coconut             -1 cup
Cardomompowder       - 1/4 tsp
Rice powder                   -4 tbspn
Ghee                               -1 tsp
Water                              -1/4 cup

How to make sweet pumpkin:
 1.  Peel the skin and remove the seeds,cut
    into small cubes.
 2.put pumpkin in a pressure cooker and
   add water .Cook till 3 whistles.
3.Then mash the pumpkin and keep aside.
4.let's make the jaggery syrup by adding        water to jaggery and heat in a pan and 
   dissolve completely. Then strain 
5. Add the jaggery syrup to the pumpkin
   and boil ,then add grated coconut and
   cardomom powder.
6.In a bowl take the rice powder and
   water(to get thick consistency)
   and mix well to avoid lumps.then add to
   the pumpkin jaggery mix and mix well   
   and boil for 5 minutes at low to medium
   flame.Then add 1 tsp ghee then flame
Serve with warm or cold.
Sweet pumpkin is ready.you can garnish with raisins or cashews if you want.and
You can add more jaggery syrup depending on the sweetness .

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