Almond Pudding with China grass

Almond pudding is one of my favourite dessert.It is very easy to make and with very few ingredients.This pudding made with chinagrass.China grass is also called agar-agar ,which is a vegetable gelatin orginated from sea wood.China grass gives a jelly structure to this pudding.Melted chinagrass then adding to the milk almond mixture the allow to set.This dessert is very easy to prepare and tasty to eat.

It is a good pudding ,you can make easy at home in any special occations and celebrations.Lets see how to make it.


Almond     -1 cup
Milk           - 3 cup
Sugar        - 7 tbsp
Condensed milk   -300 gram
China grass          -10 gram

Step -1

   Soak chinagrass in water for 1/2 hours.

Step -2 
*   Soak the almonds in water for 3 hours         to   remove the skin.

*    In a jar,add almonds  and 1 cup of milk       ,grind well.

*   In a pan, add the almond milk mix,2cups
     of milk and sugar,mix well and boil in 
     medium flame.
     Stir well until milk boils and turnoff 


 * In another wok add soaked chinagrass        along with water and boil in medium 
    flame.keep stirring.when it dissolve 
    completely,reduce the flame and turn off
    the stove.

*Now add this melted chinagrass to 
 almond milk mix and mix well.then add   sweetened condensed milk and mix   again.

* Then pour the mix into pudding tray ,let 
   Cool down.atlast garnish pudding with    
   slices of almonds and refrigerate for 30     minutes.

This yummy dessert rich in almonds and condensed milk.
You can make easily  in any celebration with few minutes.

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