Ragi Puttu(Finger Millet Puttu)- Diabetic friendly recipe.

Ragi puttu is the one of the healthy breakfast in Kerala ,madeup of Ragi flour and grated coconut and cooked in steamer(puttu maker).If you have ragi powder ,it is very easy to prepare.
Benefits of Ragi
Ragi is the gluten free food and rich     source of calcium ,which helps to   strengthen bones.
*Ragi helps for   weight loss and control   blood sugar level.
* Rich source of protien 
* Gluten free and antioxidant rich. 
* Rich in Vitamin c and iron.thus prevent  aneamia

Ragi flour            -1 cup
Grated coconut  -1 cup
Salt                      -1 tsp
Water as required 

How to make Ragi Puttu

1. In a bowl ,add ragi flour and salt.mix well.
2. Add required water and mix.check the consistency as crumbly and moist flour. take in your fist and roll the flour until get ball shape.then press the ball  if it will crumble down then stop adding water.

3. Boil water in puttu maker.when water starts to boil,take the mould and add grated coconut to the bottom of mould.then add flour half of the mould,then add another layer of coconut and fill with flour and grated coconut on the top.

4. close the lid and steam until the steam comes.

5. Then open the lid and remove Ragi puttu onto serving plate.
Serve it along with banana or jaggery.

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