Raffaello Pudding

Today's Recipe is a trendy dessert, Rafaello pudding, a simple and yummy dessert. We all love the Raffaello candy, and we can easily make this at home. Those who do not like the pudding made with gelatin and china grass must try this creamy pudding. You will definitely like this dessert. When you eat Rafaello pudding, you get the feeling of eating ice cream. The desiccated Coconut inside the cream feels yummy.


This creamy pudding is exactly like the Raffaello candy. This delicious dessert is made with whipping cream and desiccated Coconut. I love this pudding. If you like to eat sweets after meals, try this great pudding. You will like it. It is easy to prepare in a few minutes. This dessert is perfect for festivals and celebrations. Tender coconut pudding,Bread fruits pudding. Kids and adults alike love this pudding. Make this yummy pudding if you want to shine in front of your guests.


How to make desiccated coconut at home:

 1. Take the fresh coconut and remove the       coconut from the shell.

2. Remove the outer dark skin of coconut       and cut into small pieces.

3. Grind the coconut pieces in a mixi jar          into fine granules( do not add water.the      mixi jar should be dry)

4. Transfer the coconut granules into a   

5. Dry roast the coconut in low flame and   
   stir continously til the moisture content
   completely absorb.Heat pan at low flame
   . Desiccated Coconut is ready.let it cool.
Once it cool down,you can store in                refrigerator for long time in air tight container.Desiccated coconut use to prepare wide varieties of recipes such as puddings,cakes,cookies ,pastries,laddoos etc. Make desiccated coconut with fresh coconut.It long lasts for many days.keep in air tight container.

How to make Rafaello balls:( for decoration)

Rafaello balls use to decorate this pudding.It is easy to make with almonds and desicated coconut.Rafaello balls similar to Rafaello candy.

1. take 1/4 cup of desicated coconut in a 
    bowl.then add 1/2 cup of condensed 
    milk and mix well.

2. Make balls with this and place the
   almonds inside each balls.and coat with
   desicated coconut.then keep in 


Desicated coconut - 1 cup
Whipping cream     - 1 1/2 cup
Chinagrass              - 8 gm
Condensed milk     -1/2 cup
Vanila essence       - 1tsp
Milk powder            -4 tbsp
Milk(to mix milk powder)   -5 tbsp


1. Take a bowl,add whipping cream then   
    beat til get soft peak.add condensed
    milk  and vanila essence to whipping
    cream and beat again.

2. In a small bowl take 4 tbsp milk powder      and 5 tbsp milk and mix well.add it to
    whipping cream and mix well.

3. In a pan add chinagrass with 1/2 cup     
    water,boil at low flame until it
    completely melt.keep aside allow to

4. Then add the melted chinagrass to
    whipping cream.then mix well.You can   
    use gelatin instead of chinagrass.

5. Add desicated coconut to whipping
    cream  and combine well.take a pudding
    tray and transfer the pudding mixture     
    into tray.springle the desicated coconut 
    over pudding.keep in refrigerator for

Decorate with desiccated balls and dark chocolate. White chocolate gives nice taste to this pudding.

Try this yummy and creamy Recipe. 

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