Carrot Semiya Payasam (kheer)

Vermicelli kheer or semiya kheer is the one of the traditional dessert in India,peoples make this dessert in every special occations ,festivals and celebrations.This is the one of the easiest dessert made with vermicelli,milk,sugar and lots of nuts.
Vermicelli is a type of spaghetti made with refined flour or maida and semolina or suji.There are wide varieties of vermicelli available in market.  we can make pudding with vermicelli as well as many other dishes such as Vermicelli upma,vermicelli pulao etc.Vermicelli kheer very popular in india especially sheer kurma with lots of nuts.Vermicelli kheer very easy to prepare.when you want to eat something sweet after your heavy meal,try this recipe within 20 minutes.

Kheer or payasam is a dessert that every one loves so much,mainly the vermicelli kheer.Carrots are also added to this kheer along with vermicelli.Here i added 1 cup carrot,If you want to add more carrot you 
can add.It gives bright colour to the kheer.The grated carrots is add to the kheer.

          This kheer requires roasted vermicelli.  roasted vermicelli is available in the super market. In a pan add  little ghee then add the vermicelli and saute until golden brown. Roasted  vermicelli gives nice flavour to the kheer.

Cardamom powder gives the good flavour to this kheer.You can add sugar or condensed milk depending on your sweetness.  Boil the kheer at low flame for  a longer time to reduce the milk. I likes thicker consistency kheer.  I prefer thicker kheer.
It is a simple and easy kheer recipe with carrot and vermicelli.Carrot semiya kheer is one of the healthy kheer . The carrot gives the flavour and beautiful color for this kheer. You can prepare easily  in any special occations and celebrations.if you are planning to make kheer for any occation must try this yummy recipe. All are loves this kheer especially kids.For those who do not like Semiya kheer, try with adding carrot. So i share my favourite kheer recipe below. Carrot vermicelli kheer very quick to preapare with few  ingredients.


Vermicelli(semiya)            -1 cup
Carrot                                  -2NOs
Milk                                     -1 1/2 litre
Sugar                                  -1/2 cup
Cashew nuts and raisins  -few
Cardomom powder           -1/2 tsp
Ghee                                    -4 tbsp


1. In a pan add 2 tbsp of ghee,and fry   
    cashews and raisins til color changes.

2. In same pan add vermicelli and roast it.Saute well.don' t get burned when color changes into golden ,flame off and keep aside.

3. In a deep pan add 2 tbsp ghee,then add the finely grated carrot.saute well and cook it.add  sugar and stir continously til the sugar dissolves.

4.Then add milk to the carrot and stir well.when milk comes to boil,add roasted vermicelli and cook til the vermicelli soften.Add sugar if you needed.
 Stir continously on medium flame til payasam become thick.then decorate kheer with cashews and raisins and a pinch of cardamom for flavour.Then flame off and let it cool.
 Delicious carrot semiya payasam ready. 
 Serve with hot or cold.It is best after 
 heavy meal.When you make vermicelli kheer, try adding carrots to it and you will definitely like it.

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