Simple Fruits Pudding Recipes |Bread Fruits Pudding | Fruits Cream Pudding

  Today I am sharing through my blog 2 types of dessert recipes that you can prepare instantly if you have a lot of fruits.  This is a dessert that can be prepared easily and quickly .You can use any fruit you like, to make this dessert.You can also add nuts of your choices.

It is a instant pudding with mixed fruits and is a easy recipe made within few minutes.this dessert is creamy in texture.the mixed fruits gives the perfect look for this can use tutty fruits and chopped is the perfect dessert for kids party ,they loves this yummy fruits pudding.


Bread slices            -10
Whippingcream      -1 cup
Mixed fruits             -1 cup
Powdered sugar     -1/4 cup
Sugar syrup             -1/2 cup



1. Cut the fruits into small pieces and soak
    in sugar syrup for 30 minutes.

 How to make sugar syrup:

  Place a wolk and add 1/2 cup water,then       add 1/4 cup sugar.mix well until sugar     
 dissloves in water and bring to a boil,then   flame off.let it cool.

2. Cut the edges of bread slices.

3. Take whipping cream in a bowl.add
    powdered sugar and whip by using hand
     mixer til soft peaks appears.

4. Starin the fruits from sugar syrup.then
    keep aside.

5. Dip the bread slices in sugar syrup,and 
    place in a pudding tray as the first layer.

6. Then spread whipping cream on the top       of bread .

7.add fruits as the third layer.then place the bread slices then whipping cream and fruits so on.

Easy delicious bread fruits pudding ready.
Keep in refrigerator for 3-6 hours.

               Fruits Cream Recipe

  Fruit cream is a popular Indian dessert.
Fruit cream or Fruit salad with cream is a delicious and yummy dessert,made with 10 minutes. It is healthy as well as summer refreshing is very easy and quick recipe,made with whipped cream and mixed can use your choices of fruits and chopped is very tasty when use seasonal can be stored in the fridge up to 2 days.if watery fruits like watermelon,muskmelon etc are added ,use immediately. 
Also You can add tuttyfruits for a beauty. 
It is yummy and rich in cream.


Whipping cream      :1 cup
Mixed fruits              :1 cup
Powdered sugar       :1/4 cup
Vanila essence         :1 tsp


1. In a bowl take whipping cream and whip by using hand mixer or hand whisk. (Before whipping keep the bowl and whisk of mixer in the freezer  for 10 minutes, for whipping the cream properly.)

2. Add powdered sugar and vanila essence to the cream and beat until get soft peak.

3. Add chopped fruits and mix well and combine with cream.

4. Serve in small seperate bowls and garnish with fruits and nuts.

If you are looking for simple and quick dessert,must try this recipe.If you have fresh fruits to make this dessert also you can use canned fruits if you have.
make this for any functions as well as festivals.

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