Strawberry Pudding Eid special pudding 2024

Eid is in few days. So i am going to share an easy and simple pudding,Strawberry pudding.

Ingredients :-
Strawberry                      -1 cup
Sugar                              -1/4 cup
Milk                                 -1 litre
Condensed milk 
China grass                    -8 gm
Water for soaking China grass
Cooking instructions:-

In this recipe we have two steps.first one is preparing strawberry compote.

Cut the strawberries into squares.
Mix strawberries with sugar and let boil 10 minutes until sugar melt.stir well until water releases.mash the strawberries with spatula.once the compote is ready,kept aside and let it cool.

Second step is preparing milk pudding.
* Soak China grass in water.
* In a sauce pan melt chinagrass in low 
   flame and stir continuously.
* Bring milk and boil in low flame.when
  the milk boils then add condensed milk or
  sugar to sweeten the pudding.mix well.
  Then add melted chinagrass stir well all
  together.then pour to a pudding tray and
  allow to set in room temperature.
 * Top with strawberry compote.put it to
    the fridge for 1 hour.serve cold


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