Puri Recipe | Indian Breakfast Recipes

Puri or poori is the most popular Indian Breakfast.Puri is my favourite breakfast since childhood.This recipe is made with wheat flour and semolina.Then fry in oil til it will be puff up.It is goes to well with potato masala.

Wheat flour        -11/2 cup
Semolina            -2 tbsp
Oil                        -1 tsp
Salt to taste
Water  - required
 Oil for frying

 In a bowl take wheat flour,semolina, required salt and oil and stir.Add little water and knead it  like for puri.Make small balls out of it.Then spread it like a puri.while spreading it,you can put wheat powder on top and spread it.Donot roll them too thin or thick.Heat the oil on medium high flame.fry it. gently press with spatula,then it will be puff up.If the bottom side is light brown, then fry another side  til lightly golden.

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