Grape Juice Recipe

It is very easy to make grapes juice at home.This grapes juice only requires 3 ingredients .Fresh grapes ,water and sugar(if you  want sweet).Grape juices is very refreshing drink ,especially during summer.Its a thirst quencher.Grapes have lots of health benefits and its nutrients levels vary with grapes varieties .Grapes regulates blood pressure and a good antioxidant.There are lots of grapes varieties such as red ,black ,and green.I prefer seedless grapes for making this juice.

Grapes contain lots of pesticides and it is important to clean well before making juice. 

Tips to clean the grapes:-
Rinse the grapes in running water and
Soak  the grapes in water for 10 minutes by adding salt and vinegar to get rid of pesticides.Then rinse the grapes again with running water.

Lets prepare the grape juice.

 Grapes (seedless)                 -2 cups
(Sweet black or red grapes)

 Water                                       -1/2 cup
 Sugar                                        -11/2 cup

1. Wash the grapes well.
2.Boil the grapes by adding water and
    sugar til turns violet in color.
3.when the grapes comes to boil the skin 
    breaks.Remove the skin after cool
(If you are using seeded grapes,then you can removes seeds by pressing the grape pulp with fingers at this time.)

4.Then take a blender and add the grapes
    pulp with grape can add more 
    sugar if you want.then blend well. Grape
    juice is ready.serve cool.

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