Onion - Tomato Chutney

Onion tomato chutney is the traditional South Indain chutney with  onion and tomatoes.It is mainly eaten as a side dish with dosa and idli.This spicy chutney is very easy to prepare and very tasty.This is mildly sweet and spicy chutney.Use ripe tomatoes for making this chutney.

This chutney is very easy to make within 15 minutes.The red chillies gives the better flavor to the chutney.you can use  urad dal  in this chutney. I skipped that step .This chutney make in 2 steps with onion and without adding onion.Onion gives a mild sweet for this chutney.I loves this chutney very much.


 Oil                              -2 tbsp
Mustard seeds          -2 tsp
Dried red chillies     -2 Nos
Onion                         -1 Nos
Tomatoes                   -2 Nos
Cloves                         -3
Ginger                        -1 inch
Green chilli               -3 nos
Kashmiri Red chilli powder     -2 tsp
Salt as reqiured


1 . Heat a pan ,add  2 tbsp of oil.

 2. Then add finely chopped green chillies ,chopped ginger and finely chopped garlic and saute well.

3. Then add onion,salt and chopped tomatoes saute well til soft and mushy.

4. Add kashmiri red chilli powder and saute til the raw smell goes.

It almost done ,turn off the flame.
Then let cool down completely.then transfer to mixi jar and grind smoothly.transfer to the bowl.

Lets prepare tempering for this chutney.

1. Heat oil in a pan, when oil turns enough hot add mustard seeds and splutter it.Then add 2 dried red chillies cut into pieces and stir it. Then add into chutney and combine well. 

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