Fish Fry Recipe

Today I am sharing with you the favorite dish of everyone,  fish fry. Here, i'm sharing with you, a method that beginners can easily prepare.This fish fry is crispy on the outside and fleshy on the inside. This easy fish fry recipe was my mom’s recipe and she shared it with me when I started cooking. 

Fish fry is the important part of a can be served as a side dish with any kind of rice such as ghee rice ,coconut rice as well as plain rice.sliced onion and lemon is the compliment of fish fry.

Marinate fish for atleast 30 minutes before frying.
Through the marination all flavours and spices are infused to the fish.The rice flour gives the fish can use more oil for deep frying ,also you could  shallow fry with some oil.
This recipe is very easy to follow for beginners.Let's see how to make this.

  1. Fish - 3to4  pieces
  2. Ginger garlic paste - 1 tbsp
  3. Chillipowder            -1 tbsp
  4. Turmeric powder    -1/2 tsp
  5. Lemon juice            -1/2 tsp
  6. Rice flour                 -1 tsp
  7. Curry leaves
  8. Salt as required
  9. Oil for deep fry

How to make simple Fish Fry

  • In a bowl ,
  • Add red chilli powder
  • Turmeric powder
  • Gingergarlic paste
  • Lemon juice
  • Riceflour 
  • Required salt 
  • And some water to make a paste.
  • Then marinate fish with this masala,
  • Set aside for 30 mins.

  • Heat the pan,
  • Add oil for deep frying ,
  • Fry the fish on medium heat.
  • Fry both sides of fish.
  • You can fry curryleaves with fish.
  • Fry until get brownish color and crisp.
  • Garnish fish 
  • Along with sliced Onion,
  • Lemon and fried curryleaves.

Fish fry is the important part of a can be served with any kind of rices.sliced onion is the compliment of fish fry.
This recipe os very easy to follow for bachelors.Let's see how to make this.

Fish fry is a main course.This recipe is easy to follow and great for beginners.

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